Amy Burgard

Amy Burgard

Amy Burgard’s heart is to see every woman, man, and child soar above the challenges of life to fulfill their God-given destinies. She loves to relate to her audiences as a friend sitting across the table sharing a cup of coffee. Amy is an inspirational speaker, teacher, and author.

A native of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Amy later married Captain Raymon George and moved to various states and also to Germany. Their last duty station was in Atlanta, Georgia. Raymon passed away due to the injuries he received while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While she lived in Atlanta for twelve more years, Amy continued with her calling in ministry; to take her journey and use it to help others in their struggles. Amy released her first book on Veteran’s Day, 2015. For I Know The Plans is helping many men and women walk through their various tunnels of loss. The book connected Amy to her current husband, Denny.

Amy’s second book, Lift, is a children’s book for all ages. Again, she allowed God to use her difficult journey of bullying to help others lift above the hate, despair, and sadness it causes. Lift is currently being used in private schools and in many families to bring great hope and victory to children’s lives.

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Amy is one of, if not the most, joyful person I know. Joy springs forth out of her and it heals and encourages me. The most encouraging part of her unstoppable joy, is that I know it is not fake or because her life has been pain free. She has walked through some of life’s hardest trials. She has known deepest sorrow and pain. So her joy filled spirit is also encased in compassion. When Amy says “loving God and loving others, give us the wings to fly,” it always touches me and exhorts me because if Amy can choose joy and love, then I want to as well. I am so grateful that Amy has decided to share her walk with the Holy Spirit with a global audience. Life is better when Amy is a part of it every day.

Peachtree City, Georgia, Georgia